We aim to increase the financial literacy of Malaysians,
One step at a time.


We, as Malaysians, always hear that apart from one's savings,
if he or she has extra funds,

"Invest in Stocks!"

Though, most of us who have no educational background in finance, do not know how to even start getting into stock investment or trading. The resources online and in libraries are usually too complex or too time-consuming for an average person to learn how to invest in stocks.


Asukabu! is a free educational app for Malaysians that teaches super-beginners how to start invest in stocks. Both a social and learning platform, practice forecasting stock price changes in a risk-free environment (no money involved)! Interact with other seasoned investors in a community-driven learning experience!

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Forecast tomorrow's

stock price!

Everyday, one company's stock will be highlighted in the app. Use your wits to predict if tomorrow, the stock's price will increase or decrease in comparison to today's price!

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Vital market information,

all in one app!


Important information about the company-of-the-day such as, annual revenue, key figures of the company, stock performance chart, recent news etc. can all be accessed directly from within the app!

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Learn from your peers,
how they forecast! 

The ways of forecasting how a stock may perform are diverse! In the app, users may discuss and learn from one another about each other's unique methods!

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Learn the basics of investment & trading!

Asukabu! School is a friendly comic-style syllabus for super-beginners who want to learn the fundamentals of investing in stock! Start learning zero, till you be a hero!

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